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IP Fragmentation for Dummy like Me!

Recently I encounter this question, and for some reason I answer it wrong 😓

ARP for Dummy like Me!

ARP used to map IP address to MAC address on data link layer. It mainly used when Host is connected over Ethernet.

In long explanation,
This protocol used to locate address of a Host (Physical/Virtual) in network. The address is searched or "resolved" by sending an "information" to a server (other host). The server after received the information will then identify itself and respond back with the network information. The responded information contain the required address. This always happen over Ethernet.Ethernet address dependent to the hardware which is Network Interface card.So, during ARP request, it try to ask which IP associated with which MAC address.
If you have used wireshark, maybe you can remember on Info section, there are always message saying "Who has $IP". For example:

 Situation where ARP is used.
Someone with IP X.X.X.X try ping $IP = Y.Y.Y.Y. We assume, the source PC did not have the IP information from the Target PC.
So it will try to us…