Setting Environment variable for Android on Windows 10

As per title say, I want to add the path for Android SDK to my Environment Variable so I can just call them from CMD outside their directory.

  1. Open Windows Explorer, look at the side bar, right click on "This PC"
  2. It will displays some option, straight up look at the end of list, which is "Properties" and click!
  3. It will open a windows and display some information about your PC
  4. Look on the left side bar, find "Advance System Setting" and Click on it.
  5. It will prompt another windows titled "System Properties". Look for a button named "Environment Variables", and click on it!

  6. You'll see another windows titled "Environment Variable". Proceed to add the path of your Android SDK and your Java Development Kit (JDK) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) there.

    In my case, I already change the installation path to C: so I can easily locate the directory.

  7. In the same window, Select "Path" under System variables, and then click button "Edit...".

  8. Add "bin" path for you JDK and JRE in the path. Then, add "tools" and "platform-tools" path also in it.
  9. Once finish, click button "OK" on all windows.
  10. Now, open your command prompt. verify those setting by typing command such as:
java - to check JRE
javac - to check JDK
adb - to check Android SDK
If all command prompt shows proper answer, then your configuration is completed.

In case of fail, check your directory, make sure it is correct when you paste it.

Good luck and God speed.


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