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Android Static Analysis - Part 1

We shall start with the tools first.   Gather all the necessary item so it will be less painful to wait. Probably will add image for guidance from time to time.   What Do You Need? A Computer with Windows OS or GNU/Linux (I prefer Kali Linux and/or Ubuntu) I don't use mac, so I don't have any idea at all Android SDK installer Genymotion Community Edition (Shit Expensive yo!) Make sure you download it with the virtualbox installer, just in case Not necessarily used for static analysis, but good to have, will explain later. Java 7 or Java 8 (OpenJDK also fine) Dex2Jar APKTool  JD-GUI  To be updated later My Setup  Previously, I have a laptop with Kali Linux installed, where all those tools are downloaded and installed in it. Easy! Then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked . Well, the laptop dead from overheating. So now I only have a work laptop, running Windows OS in it. So, I install VMware Workstation (VMware Player also ok)